Hanging Hammock Tip

Hanging Hammock Tip

Rope hammocks will stretch during the first few uses. Keep this in mind when hanging your new hammock. See How to Hang a Hammock.

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We Accept Discover, American Express, MasterCard and Visa!
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About Us at My Hammock Store
What is My Hammock Store all about, anyway?

What is My Hammock Store all about, anyway?

My Hammock Store is really all about RELAXATION and a little bit about Barn Owls and such. We'll get to that.

We are also all about operating a top-notch store offering products about which we are passionate--Hammocks and Hammock Swing Chairs. Being outdoors...Connecting with nature...Enjoying the beauty of our surroundings.

We believe in working hard, playing hard and exercising hard. We pursue our interests and hobbies and business endeavors to be the best we can be. We want to have the highest quality products, the most efficient business transactions and the friendliest and most beneficial customer service. We want our customers to love their hammocks and hammock swing chairs, be extremely satisfied with our customer service and know that all questions about products or an order have been thoroughly answered in a timely manner. We offer a safe and secure shopping experience. We do not sell or distribute any of your personal information. Our site is SECURE, and your information is safe with us. My Hammock Store is protected by AVG Internet Security. Our credit card processing is guaranteed SAFE by Authorize.Net. In addition, our internet store is hosted by StoresOnline, which is secured with 128 Bit SSL Encryption, the most powerful internet security allowed by law.

Yes...I guess you could say we're intense...about business.

Now...about leisure...It's one of the reasons we work so hard (besides the fact that we naturally just have a strong work and business ethic). We believe in the value of RELAXATION. We work and live better when we are well rested. We love to go to the beach. We have enjoyed vacationing in the mountains. We're outdoors much of the time. Most of all, we like being in our own backyard. We like growing flower and vegetable gardens. We enjoy soaking up the sun, listening to the birds sing and filling up a bucket of water for the deer to drink. We enjoy sitting and doing absolutely nothing but reaping the visual benefits of our landscaping efforts. We relax in our hammocks and hammock swing chairs as we contemplate a new day and as we dream of things to come. We relax in our hammocks and hammock chairs as we appreciate a moment with our favorite wildlife friends--a group of Cardinals dancing about a U-shaped vine growing in a large tree just off the porch.

We have selected hammocks, hammock swing chairs, hammock stands and hammock accessories from craftsmen who hold the same high quality standards we hold dear. We have chosen manufacturers who use quality materials and superb craftsmanship. We are proud to offer a full line of hammocks, hammock swing chairs and supplies from Algoma Net Company, Pawleys Island and Castaways, a division of Pawleys Island.

If you have any questions about a hammock or accessories you would like to order or have already ordered, please email us at support@myhammockstore.com. You may track the progress of your hammocks, hammock swing chairs, hammock stand or hammock accessories through our website tracking feature. At the point when your order has been shipped, you may follow the shipping progress and find out the scheduled delivery date by typing in your PO number which was emailed to you immediately upon receipt of your order.

We thank you for visiting and shopping at My Hammock Store. We hope you enjoy your hammocks and hammock swing chairs as much as we enjoy ours. Now, here is a real nature moment I enjoyed so thoroughly I had to preserve it in writing. This poem is about Barn Owls, which we referenced above. We hope you have happy moments in your hammocks or hammock swings, too. Have a relaxing day.

Copyright© by R.A. Jackson, 2001

she came to play
upon the still, white blade
of a back porch ceiling fan.
And for awhile
this young Barn Owl stayed.

this creature
with feathers of snow
nodded joyfully
as the wind and the owl's stirrings
made the fan gently go.

and spinning,
she watched
tree tops tangled with clouds,
sunshine and leaves mixed with barn beams.

her spirit danced
with the whirl-a-gig
as her eyes beckoned
a brother Barn Owl
to join the perch
upon the carousel.

as the sibling landed
on a bordering blade,
she quickly hopscotched to roost across the fan,
as they conducted
the movements of the merry-go-round.

they bobbed
to a ballad of their own
created by 'round and 'round moving
and view spinning.

the owl pair's game
became blanketed in white
as three more Barn Owls
made the flight
to the blades of the carousel.

the five Barn Owls played
upon the lightly bouncing, white blades
of a porch ceiling fan
until one by one
they swooped down and found
another backyard playground.

Have a Relaxing Day in a Hammock from My Hammock Store...

Have a Relaxing Day in a Hammock from My Hammock Store...

My Hammock Store family in a rope hammock with a traditional green stand, accented with a hammock pad and hammock pillow from Algoma Net Company (portrait courtesy of Lisa's Portraits).