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Hanging Hammock Tip

Hanging Hammock Tip

Rope hammocks will stretch during the first few uses. Keep this in mind when hanging your new hammock. See How to Hang a Hammock.

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Hatteras Hammocks, Hammock Stands, Hammock Swing Chairs and Hammock Accessories
The Hatteras Hammocks and Hammock Swing Chairs Story

The Hatteras Hammocks and Hammock Swing Chairs Story

The Hatteras Hammock story began in 1971 with a businessman making a trip along the East coast and bringing his mother home the rope hammock she wanted. For Walter Perkins, Jr., a tobacco buyer, it was just another business trip. But buying that hammock only inspired Perkins to buy himself a hammock, study the hammock, inspect its components and look for ways to make a good hammock even better. Soon enough, the businessman was making hammocks and testing his ideas for further improvement of hammock quality, durability and comfort. What started out as a small business selling hammocks out of the back of his car became one of the world's top hammock producers by the mid 1980s. Hatteras Hammocks, with its combination of handwoven hammocks and state-of-the-art manufacturing, continues to produce quality hammocks, hammock swing chairs and hammock accessories and to ask that question that got the company started in the first place--How can hammocks be made even better?

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Roman Arc Cypress Hammock Swing Stand by Hatteras Hammocks-A Work of Art, this Cypress Wood Double Hammock Swing Stand Offers Beauty and Function-
15' Roman Arc Cypress Hammock Stand by Hatteras Hammocks-Beautiful Arcing Wood Hammock Stand Graces Any Style Home-
Tufted Hammock by Hatteras Hammocks-Tufted Hammock and Pillow Sets in Beautiful Colors and Patterns-
Steel Double Hammock Swing Stand by Hatteras Hammocks-Enjoy Your Double Swing Anywhere in the Sleek Style Steel Double Swing Hammock Stand-
Deluxe DuraCord Cushioned Double Hammock Swing by Hatteras Hammocks-Hammock Swing in Many Striped Fabrics Makes Home a Relaxing Getaway-
Pillowtop Fabric Hammock by Hatteras Hammocks-Thick, Cushioned Fabric Hammock in Beautifully Patterned Fabrics-
Cushioned DuraCord Hammock Swing Chair by Hatteras Hammocks-Many Fabrics Available to Enjoy Down Time in a Cottony-Soft Cushioned DuraCord Hammock Swing Chair-
Large Quilted DuraCord Fabric Hammock by Hatteras Hammocks (Rio Birch Stripe)-Tranquil Earthtones in a Comfortable, Quilted Hammock-
Large Quilted DuraCord Fabric Hammock by Hatteras Hammocks (Canvas Turf)-Quilted Fabric Hammock by Hatteras Hammocks in Deep Grass Green Color-
Large Quilted Soft Weave Hammock by Hatteras Hammocks-Beautiful Colors in Woven Style 13' Quilted Hammock-
Large Quilted DuraCord Fabric Hammock by Hatteras Hammocks (Coastland Stripe)-Quilted Fabric Hammock in Beach-Inspired Hues-
Large Quilted DuraCord Fabric Hammock by Hatteras Hammocks (Spring Bay Stripe)-Peaceful Hues on a Rugged DuraCord Fabric Hammock-
Large Quilted DuraCord Fabric Hammock by Hatteras Hammocks (The Hamptons Summer Stripe)-Relaxing Classic Beach Marine Blue Striped Hammock-
Large Quilted DuraCord Fabric Hammock by Hatteras Hammocks (Canvas Glacier)-Beckoning Beachside Quilted Fabric Hammock-
Large Quilted DuraCord Fabric Hammock by Hatteras Hammocks (Passage Poppy)-Beautiful Addition to Your Rest and Relaxation-
Large Quilted DuraCord Fabric Hammock by Hatteras Hammocks (Classic Red Stripe)-For Those Who Love All Things Red-
Large Quilted DuraCord Fabric Hammock by Hatteras Hammocks (Classic Black Stripe)-Sophisticated and Stylish Hammock in Black-
15' Steel Arc Hammock Stand by Hatteras Hammocks-Sturdy 15' Heavy-Duty Steel Stand for Large 13' Hammocks-
Deluxe White Polyester Rope Hammock by Hatteras Hammocks-Extra Wide Polyester Rope Hammock Allows Room to Stretch Out-
Hammock Canopy by Pawleys Island-Shield Your Hammock from the Sun with a Hammock Canopy by Pawleys Island-
Steel Hammock Swing Chair Stand by Hatteras Hammocks-Set Up Your Hammock Swing Chair Anywhere in a Sleek Style Swing Chair Stand-
Large White Polyester Rope Hammock by Hatteras Hammocks-Weather-Resistant Soft Spun Polyester Rope Hammock-
15' Tri-Beam Steel Hammock Stand by Hatteras Hammocks-Classic 15' Hammock Stand for 13' Hammocks-
Tufted Hammock Swing by Hatteras Hammocks-Beautiful Fabrics on Tufted Hammock Swings-
Soft Weave Deluxe Woven Hammock Pillow by Hatteras Hammocks-Stunning Colors of Textured Woven Hammock Pillows-
Traditional Hammock Pillow in DuraCord by Hatteras Hammocks-Top Off Your Hammock with a Soft, Durable DuraCord Hammock Pillow-
Hammock Storage Bag for Hatteras Hammocks-Protect Your Hatteras Hammock When Not in Use with a Hammock Storage Bag-
...The Hatteras Story Continued

...The Hatteras Story Continued

Hatteras Hammocks still takes pride today in superior craftmanship as well as quality, durable materials. Hatteras hammock makers use polyester roping that is soft-spun to be cottony-soft while maintaining its durability. Hatteras Hammocks makes some hammocks and hammock swings from Sunbrella Fabric. Hatteras Hammocks also uses a similar solution-dyed DuraCord, a synthetic fiber which offers the softness of cotton, the durability of polyester and vivid long-lasting colors for maximum weatherability. Quilted hammocks are stuffed for softness with polyester fiberfill batting, and hamock swing cushions are fluffed with a thick layer of polyester hollowfill fiber made from recycled plastic drink bottles. Hatteras hammocks and hammock swings are constructed with zinc-plated hardware to protect against rust and ensure longevity. Hardware for Hatteras Hammocks is constructed with its signature one-piece ring and chain assembly so that all parts of the hammock or swing stay assembled during storage. Hatteras Hammocks uses three quality woods for hammock and hammock chair construction, including Cumaru, American White Oak and Southern Cypress. Richly-grained Cumaru, a dense hardwood,  is used on Hatteras Hammock spreader bars because it resists rotting, is virtually nonabsorbent and naturally weathers to a beautiful silver-gray color. Cumaru for Hatteras Hammocks is harvested only from managed forests in South America. Lightly-grained American White Oak is used to make Hatteras Hammocks swing frames and armrests. Multiple coats of marine-grade spar varnish are applied to the white oak components to provide weather resistence and enhance the native wood's honey-gold hue. Roman Arc hammock stands and hammock swing stands are constructed with slats of Southern Cypress, which is a water-tight softwood. A honey-gold sealer is hand-applied to the Roman Arc stands. Hatteras Hammocks also constructs hammock stands and hammock swing chair stands from steel which is finished with CAPE SHIELD TM Powder Coat, an Earth-friendly, industrial-strength thick coating that offers maximum weather resistance.

Currently, Hatteras Hammocks offers many different fabric pattern groups with tufted hammocks, pillowtop hammocks, quilted hammocks,  soft weave hammocks, tufted hammock swings, double hammock swings and hammock swing chairs made in coordinated fabrics. These DuraCord fabrics include the Artist Series (classic black stripes and a black floral), the Skygazer Series (sea calming green, aqua, brown and natural stripes, as well as an aqua watermark pattern), the Adventurer Series (earthy mocha tan, pebble brown and oatmeal stripes and a natural rope pattern on a pebble brown fabric canvas), the Mariner Series (strong, yet calming nautical blue and natural stripes as well as a natural rope pattern on a navy blue fabric canvas) and the Equestrian Series (rich red and natural stripes and a striking red watermark pattern) and many more designs. Hatteras Hammocks and Hammock Swing Chairs are offered in durable fabrics including classy stripes, statement florals and beautiful solids. Hatteras Hammocks also offers classic rope hammocks in many sizes and colors. Multiple threads of durable synthetic yarns are weaved  and precision-twisted into rope and then into hammocks which offer strength and undeniable comfort. A one-stop shop, Hatteras Hammocks offers lovely, soft yet outdoor-durable hammock pillows. Hatteras Hammocks also completes the setting with hammock accessories such as canopies, tables, hammock hanging kits and hammock stand wheels. With the beautiful Hatteras Hammocks selection, one can find matching hammock, hammock swing chairs and hammock accessories to set up a relaxing retreat for family and friends or a single hammock or hammock swing chair for that perfect place to quietly commune with nature.